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Arkansas RAPPS, Incorporated offers health education and linkage to care services across Arkansas.


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Taking Charge of Change 2019: What did we learn??

Arkansas RAPPS and Future Builder's Incorporated were proud to serve as Platinum Sponsors for this year's Official Little Rock Black Pride 2019 and producer of the Taking Charge of Change Summit. We believe that recognizing the common lived experiences and history of the Black community should move us forward in our quest for social justice, no HIV stigma, and health equity. Through this summit despite having 85 RSVPS, we learned that we must scale up our abilities to reach our target audiences, we affirm that our subject matter provided "teachable moments, and there is a distinct need to continue to educate and empower our supporters, allies and community.  

Furthermore, it's imperative that the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, especially when it comes to Back LGBTQ people’s disparities, has left little to be desired in a space where whiteness largely dictates the direction in which the LGBTQ community moves. Often failing to engage or understand our continuing strides to find common grounds and safety, while still struggling at times to get past homophobia, meanwhile, sharing in the same oppression based on skin color as our hetero brothers and sisters. It is clear then why Black Pride has become the place where we can go to find solace in both queerness and blackness.

Our signature event also identified that we continue to have communication gaps, trust issues, lack of access to resources, institutional challenges understanding "why we need to drive what's needed without judgment or barriers," and the direct need for more mental health services and spaces.

As preparations begin concerning the impending Ending the Epidemic 2030 Planning for Arkansas in Fall 2019,  it's imperative that all community voices share their insights on how we eliminate new HIV infections and increase health outcomes across the state. We urge communities of color to not stand on the sideline, shadows or margins but be a part of the process. We will be laser-focused on the process and the accountability of those charged with crafting the state plan which should not just include  access to HIV screenings, but also an aggressive Prep informational campaign, address transgender health issues, our state health department's sign on the U equals U statement of consensus, dedicated website outlining the states ETE 2030 Plan and a robust outreach to assure a meaningful engagement of people living with HIV. 

We are ready to Take Charge of Change and reach out to you to start the planning for 2020!  For more info hit us up at [email protected]

Arkansas RAPPS partners for 2018-2019 Prevention Projects!

 Arkansas RAPPS has established a partnership with Future Builders, Incorporated in a response to Arkansas's 2018-2019 Prevention and Hepatitis C Funding cycle. Jointly our entities will launch the Tri-County Assessment Project and Pathways 2 Connect initiative to address the continuing need for HIV/ Hep C screenings, counseling, linkage to care and referrals in targeted communities. Each project will collaborate with local organizations, agencies and other stakeholders in offering support services, educational opportunities, capacity building and content for social media and web channels. For more information use our contact page. Pictured left Linder Conley and Cornelius Mabin, Jr. 

Arkansas RAPPS is dedicated to "connecting" to the systems that impact the lives of LGBTQ communities and beyond. Clicking on the images above will deliver you to supportive information concerning transgender and gender non-conforming Arkansans and how to "Take Action Now" to contact both your state and national leadership. 

The Campaign for Southern Equality link features the newly updated, "Trans in the South" resource guide where you’ll find lists of trans-friendly service providers – from doctors to attorneys to counselors – across the South as well as resources to assist with funding medical transition and access to the LGBT South newsletter.

Arkansas RAPPS Launches Prep 2 Live!

 Arkansas RAPPS  was proud to develop and provide leadership for the state's first PrEP awareness campaign in 2017 which included a campaign casting call, social media ad placements, live feeds, and branded PrEP marketing materials. In 2019 we are excited to be participating in the National HIV Testing Day on June 27th and our continue push to address access to Prep in Arkansas. For more info go the P2L website at www.P2L.com, the PrEP locator at www.pleaseprepme.org and Prep Navigation Resouces by clicking the campaign photo.

Are you ready Arkansas to "Get Prepped to Live Once A Day!" 

Click on the link above for more information and resources about PrEP or get the 

PrEP Basics at this Link.

Is Taking PrEP the Right Choice for You?

Since late-2010, when the first data showed that PrEP is an effective HIV prevention intervention, PrEP’s implementation has been piecemeal and incomplete, especially in Arkansas. We believe that this important modality must be a part of our forward-looking vision to decreasing new HIV infections and we support the use of this life-saving strategy as a part of our health navigation services. For access to PrEP services contact our partner provider, Infectious Disease Resource Group at 501.661-0037 or www.littlerockid.com 

Click on the PrEP Locator image at the right to access Prep in your area!

Counseling and Testing Services

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Linkage 2 Care

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Certified HIV Testing

Our HIV testing activities are designed to increase knowledge of HIV status, encourage risk reduction and secure needed referrals for appropriate medical, prevention, and partner notification counseling and referral services. We offer FREE & CONFIDENTIAL HIV Testing. (We use the Oraquick HIV Antibody Tests – No blood, no needles. Results in 20 minutes) We are a CLIA approved organization.

Motivated Counseling

We offer an intensive, individualized, counseling program for adopting and maintaining HIV risk reduction behaviors. This program is designed for persons living with HIV/AIDS and who may struggle with issues such as substance abuse, and physical and mental health challenges that may pose as barriers to maintaining risk reduction behaviors.

Community Engagement, Internet Outreach & Mobile Testing

Outreach happens during non-traditional hours at locations throughout the central region and beyond, to deliver tailored and appropriate messages and materials to encourage safe sex, risk reduction and the importance of knowing your HIV status. We also feature our Internet prevention and outreach focuses on HIV/STD prevention, education and awareness on social media websites and chatrooms to encourage safe sex, risk reduction. Clients reached through these services can schedule a Mobile Testing appointment to be done in their safe spaces.

Linkage to Care ( L2C)

The linkage to care (L2C) services offers one-on-one direct assistance for people living with HIV who are newly diagnosed or those who may have difficulties staying in medical care. The goal of the Linkage to care service is to help individuals reduce barriers to care, become virally suppressed, and become self-sustainable.

24 hour support once learning your diagnosis

Transportation to care coordination and medical appointments

Helping you communicate with your providers by sitting-in on appointments (medical, mental health, case manager)

Helping with medication (reminders, encouragement, questions, medication pick-up)

Assistance with setting and achieving goals related to employment, housing, and education.

Helping connect you to necessary resources within the community.

Our linkage to care staff believes in putting the client first. We sit down with you, help you address your needs, and help you come up with a plan for success. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and non-judgmental.

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